A Glass of Pomegranate Juice A Day May Keep the Doctor Away

The pomegranate has been cultivated since before America was even a country yet very few Americans have ever eaten one, let alone drink its juice. This amazing exotic fruit is coming to light because of some interesting research into the antioxidant content of its juice. When compared to red wine and green tea, this amazing fruit is almost 3 times as powerful in protecting against free radical damage.

Antioxidants are naturally occurring substances that protect the body against free radicals. These important compounds are getting loads of attention since it has been shown that they reduce the numbers of these free radical molecules in the body. Free radicals are very reactive and in the body tend to ‘oxidize’ other molecules and cause damage. If you leave a piece of unprotected metal outside, the oxidation of weather will cause it to rust. A similar process happens in the body with free radicals. For example, they are thought to oxidize cholesterol into a form that is responsible for speeding up the hardening of arteries. In a study done at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, pomegranate juice has been shown to slow down cholesterol oxidation by almost 50 percent.

The juice of the pomegranate contains polyphenolics, tannins and anthocyanins – compounds that are thought to have a beneficial effect. In addition, the juice has many vitamins and minerals. It is rich in iron and vitamins A, C and E.

Many parts of the middle east and central Asia include this delicious fruit in their local cuisine. When you open a pomegranate you will be surprised to discover hundreds of bright red, juicy seed pods. The process of separating the seed pods from the white pulpy fruit is a chore that both children and young of old will delight in. The seed pods themselves taste a little bit like concentrated watermelon, but slightly sweeter and tangy. After opening one, you will quickly understand why they chose juice in their study and not the fruit itself. The pods easily burst open revealing the red juice. Caution here. The red juice will easily stain a lot of fabric so be careful when handling them.

The Western part of the world has been slow to adopt this wonderful fruit. It is still an exotic fruit that is more of a novelty than a staple like it is in other parts of the world. As more and more people begin consuming the protective juice, that is certain to change. An easy way to get it is in juice format and for fun, try picking up the fruit itself. Adding the seed pods to a salad is a wonderful way to enjoy them. Another way is to warm chopped walnuts in the juice and use the mixture to stuff tomatoes. No matter how you choose to eat pomegranates, try adding some to your diet today.

Why Should We Keep Our Thoughts Clear?

From my experience some healings come instantly or during short period of time as others require patience, persistence and firmness of our faith. Even though faith in God or Good helps to overcome our worldly trials but often because of lack of the divine knowledge we are not able to see the end of our sufferings. When human will is added to that faith we, pressing strongly our teeth, think that we stand firmly on the ground and fulfill God’s will, but in reality we begin to feel moral weariness, dissatisfaction and discouragement. All these negative qualities only disarm us spiritually and we become helpless because of our own false beliefs. Here it is good to remember a statement of the founder of Christian Science Mary Baker Eddy, �•man’s extremity is God’s opportunity”. Though our hope that all will be well strengthens our faith but that hope, tired from the long expectation, often does not bring a desirable result in the seemed complicated situation for us. When we begin to realize, understand and demonstrate the rules of the Christian Science of Mind-healing the favorable outcome comes into our life now not at the uncertain future. In the Bible 2 Kings 4:18-37 a story about woman and her son from Shunem is described. When a son of that woman died she did not accept that as a true fact and as a result of that her son was raised by a prophet’s prayer. Therefore in proportion as our realization of the law of Christian Science is clear, inharmonious events which in reality are unreal, will become less real in our life and finally they will not have any power over us. We can experience God’s grace now and the author of Psalms expresses this idea in the line, �•God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Ps. 46:1). In the main work of Mrs. Eddy �•Science and Health with key to the Scriptures” she writes, �•The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God,- a spiritual understanding of Him, an unselfed love”. (Science and Health 1:1-4). Thus in the process of the purification of our consciousness, thoughts we learn to be led not by a blind faith but by above mentioned spiritual qualities �•an absolute faith, a spiritual understanding and unselfed love” in God. By this method we free our consciousness from previous fears, doubts and prejudices and then we experience a joyful healing from any kind of infirmity. Constancy and persistence with the oil of joy and love to God play the important part in that mental process. In I Thes. 5:17 the Apostle Paul exclaims: �•Pray without ceasing”. As a seed sown in the blessed soil will grow in a certain time (though our disarmed eye cannot see its growth underground) a demonstration of constancy and patience points on our solid knowledge that the divine law is always in operation despite we cannot see that law as well. As the seed requires moisture and light in a definite quantity as we often need vivifying sip of water. This sip of water is the word of God for us which not only calms and reassures us in unbearable situations but above all inspires and animates our life. The following case illustrates perfectly the necessity of persistence in prayer to obtain a harmonious effect. Two years ago my wife noticed a small bump under her breast. Me did not take seriously that fact. After some time that bump became to increase and condense in size and my wife began experiencing fears of undesirable growth in her body. In those moments of fears and doubts (which were present and like unmoved snake set in my wife’s thoughts before that bump as well) we tried to realize for us both that we have only spiritual substance and therefore matter does not have any reality or power. For some time these declarations of Truth were giving some comfort to my wife who trusted in the power of God and my sincere prayer completely. When growth of that bump continued (fear increased) and some painful feeling appeared, a sense of fear became to prevail at my wife and she expressed a desire to remove that growth by surgical operation. I was not happy to hear that and I said to my wife that that method is not divine but a decision I put into God’s hands. Soon we decided to trust God only. Long seven months I persistently purified my consciousness from the smallest manifestations of fear and I kept clear in my mind that my wife as a God’s child, is free from all fears and doubts. Realizing also that every branch that brings not fruit must be pruned and destroyed, I tried to imagine clear there was not any place for that bump in harmonious spiritual body. One evening my wife declared Truth about her spiritual being with strong faith and spirit and next morning a liquid started pouring out of that growth. In few minutes the little pieces of flesh, penetrated with very thin veins, had appeared. We pulled them out with the great efforts. After that bloodless and painless procedure only a small hole left which disappeared during following few days. My wife and I sincerely praised God’s power and love to us and for that life’s lesson which we both must have experienced. So, as a well with cool water gives strength to a traveler in the desert the same living power of the Word of God purifies our mind. Being in that consciousness of Happiness and Harmony of Soul, all our worries and discouragements are dissolved as a mist under sunshine!

7 tips to keep your fluid down on dialysis

As any dialysis patient will tell you, keeping your fluid gain between dialysis sessions in check is not only important to your long term health, it is a major factor in your immediate well-being.

Keeping fluid level gains as low as possible between dialysis treatments will minimize the risk of congestive heart failure, pulmonary oedema, and hypertension. Cramps, headaches and breathing difficulties are short term side-effects of fluid overload, and whilst not as dangerous as the long term effects, these should be heeded as a pointer to fluid overload in dialysis patients.

Whilst every dialysis patient has their own special method of keeping their fluid levels in check, I thought it might be pertinent to explain some of the methods that I have found (relatively) successful.

1/ Buy a bag of ice. I have a large chest freezer in my kitchen, I buy a 5kg (approx 11lb) bag of ice chips from the service (gas) station, place it in the freezer, and suck on ice chips throughout the day. Make sure the freezer is in a convenient place, so you can reach it quickly to grab a few small pieces of ice, so you can avoid the temptation to fill a glass with ice. (In which case you might as well have that mug of coffee you wanted in the first place!)

2/ Get a GOOD set of digital scales. I have a set which measures with an accuracy of 200grams (don’t we all wish we could afford the scales at the dialysis unit which measure to 50grams?!?), which is accurate enough to get a good idea of where you are at with your fluid gain. Work out the difference between your dialysis centre scales, and your home scales, so you can get an accurate reflection of your fluid gain. I weigh myself first thing when I get up in the morning (you’d be surprised how much weight you lose over a warm night!), as soon as I get home from work, and whenever I have a drink. This method is great in two ways: 1)You never (well, rarely, anyway!) get a nasty surprise when you arrive at dialysis and jump on the scales. And 2) You don’t get the opposite surprise of getting to dialysis with only 1kg of fluid on, thinking: �•Damn, I wish I’d drank more!” (I often find myself in the ridiculous situation of forcing myself to have another cup of coffee before I leave for dialysis, as there’s no bank for fluid, once you’ve had that dialysis, the opportunity to have that drink is gone forever!)

3/ Save up your drinks if you’re going to need them. If you know you are going to an event where the temptation to drink more fluid that you should will be strong, save up your drinks beforehand. For example – if you get off dialysis at lunchtime on Wednesday (meaning that you go back to dialysis on Friday Morning), and you have a function to attend on Thursday night, try to drink as little as possible between Wednesday lunchtime and Thursday evening, telling yourself that your reward will be the fact that you will be able to drink (nearly) as much as a �•normal” person at the function.

4/ Keep yourself busy! Any dialysis patient will tell you that when they’re busy, they’re not thinking about drinking. It could be a gentle walk, send an email to a friend, jump on the phone, or play with your kids. It doesn’t matter, as long as it keeps your mind occupied.

5/ Frozen water. Freeze a bottle of water, containing the amount you have allowed yourself to drink that day, and drink it as it defrosts. This has the benefit of the drink being ice-cold, as well. The down-side of this is that if your bottle melts too quickly, you could find yourself at 3pm, with all your water gone!

6/ Spray bottle. Get yourself a spray bottle, and fill it with water (maybe with a little lemon juice or mint flavouring), and spray it into your mouth when you feel the urge to have a drink. Whilst this won’t completely sate your desire for fluids, it may help you wait a little longer before indulging!

7/ Mints and toothpaste. Try sucking a strong mint, or even brushing your teeth. The feeling of a clean, fresh mouth will often lessen the desire to blow your fluid limit. (This method will make you nicer to kiss, too!)

I hope that these suggestion will help you in the dialysis patient’s eternal quest to keep their fluid gain under control. But remember, life is for living too, and we, as dialysis patients more than most need to adhere to this edict. So whilst keeping your fluid gain under control is important for both your immediate and long term health, remember that if you’ve blown your fluid this time, there is always next time, so keep trying!

How to Keep Your Skin Young and Healthy

The aging process of the skin is caused by known factors. Skin aging can in great extend be avoided by simple means and aging symptoms in the skin can also often be cured by the same measures. Here are some practical anti-aging measures for the skin presented: PROTECTION AGAINST THE SUN You should enjoy the sunshine with reason. Some daily exposure from sun-rays on the skin will not hurt. On the contrary, it will in fact do your skin good. The skin gets a better colour, and it gets somewhat thicker and more robust. Massive daily exposure, however, has a very disturbing influence on the skin, and will cause all types of skin problems: Wrinkles, brown spots, discolouring, very thin or very thick skin, dry skin and cancer. To keep your skin young and healthy in the long run, you must protect your skin when you are outside for longer times. TAKING LECITHIN You should take some supplement of lecithin or a product containing lecithin. Lecithin is a fatty substance. It is an important constituent of all body tissues. It consists of glycerol, fatty acids, cholin, ethanolamine, inositol and serine. The four latter constituents are working tools used in nerve signal transmission and in tissue regeneration. Lecithin is especially important for the function and regeneration of nerve tissue and the skin. Lecithin also has a cleansing effect upon the skin. It helps the sebaceous gland to produce cleansing secretions. Taking a daily dose of lecithin alone or a product containing lecithin will greatly help to keep the skin young and regenerate the skin from damage. EATING FISH AND SEA-FOOD A dish of fish or seafood at least every second day has proven to keep the skin in good condition and help the skin to avoid sun damage. You should include fat fish, since fat fish has an especially high content of vitamin A and D, important for the skin health. USE OF PLANT-OILS UPON YOUR SKIN Using a topical product containing certain types of plant oils or even using some of the pure oils upon the skin daily will make the skin smooth and ease regeneration from damage. Oils that have these effects are: Evening Primrose Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Borage Oil, Soy Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and Olive oil. Pure olive oil of good quality can be used alone upon the skin after the daily wash. The amount needed is very little. Use exactly as much that is needed to saturate the skin and make it smooth. CONSUMING OLIVE OIL AND OTHER NATURAL OILS Using olive oil in your dishes will help to keep your skin young, and help the skin to regenerate from damage and aging symptoms. Olive oil contains much mono-unsaturated acids and much of vitamin E. However, your skin will also need essential poly-unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore you should also consume some amount of other types of oils or supplements containing poly-unsaturated oils especially valuable for your skin. Other plant oils with fatty acids beneficial for your skin are: Evening Primrose Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Borage Oil, Soy Oil, and Wheat Germ Oil. TAKING CONJUGATED LINOLAEIC ACID (CLA) CLA is a fatty acid produced in the stomach of cows by bacteria, taken up into the cow’s blood-stream and secreted into the milk. This acid has shown to help the skin regenerate from damage and keep the skin in a juvenile state. Taking CLA as a supplement may help you get finer skin, and also help you to keep your weight at a wanted level. Fat milk and diary products also contain CLA and can improve your skin health. However, great amounts of fat diary products are not good for your heart and circulation. THE DAILY CARE OF YOUR SKIN The skin should be washed at least once every day with a mild soap or cleansing product. Men should shave during the wash or after the wash, depending upon the shaving method used. Then you should use some oil or cream to protect your skin and to make it smooth and elastic. Use a product containing natural oils with anti-aging properties. If you suffer from acne or other skin problems, the cleansing product and the protecting cream should contain ingredients to treat this problem. Before exposing your skin to heavy sunshine for a longer time, you should also use some additional product with sun-shield. If you have used a product with sun-shield or make-up during the day, this should be washed away in the evening, and a new layer of protecting cream laid on. More basic washing and care that that outlined here, is not necessary, and may in fact damage your skin. The same is true for heavy use of make-up. DON\’T SMOKE Smoking has a very negative effect upon the skin in the long run, and will cause a lot of wrinkles.

Dating Online in Safety

Dating online can be great fun, stimulating and exciting. So let’s first get it into perspective. Some of us just like to have fun but are sick of the singles bars and other similar nite spots that are the last resort for finding a decent partner or lover. They often result in the wrong person even if you are lucky enough to meet someone. Or, you may have once upon a time met someone that ‘fitted the bill’ but over time this has proved not to be the case any longer, so…….long story short, you are now once again looking for a better fit. You might be just plain lonely or recently dumped by that someone who promised to be there forever. If you’re senior in years, you may just be seeking a companion or someone who has similar interests. These days, it’s quite likely that you are someone who’s busy most of the time and don’t have the time to go galavanting around the place looking for a date and attending dinner parties with the hope that your friends have selected a decent blind date on your behalf. Whatever your reason, online dating can definitely help make it happen much sooner than many of the tedious activities which most of us have experienced at some stage. Of course, you are also able to do this late at night (24/7) in your ‘jim jams’ when you have the time or better still, the inclination.

If you’ve found what you believe to be a quality site, and it has a large enough data base to support your searches, then you’re half way there. While I’m on it, you would be best to register with 2 or 3 dating sites so that you can spread you options that much further.

This brings us to an extremely important consideration and the most imperative part of the process – Your Safety!

I won’t pretend to have all the answers, but as much as Internet dating sites have proven time after time that they ‘deliver the goods’, someone nasty or let me say unscrupulous turns up. These loathsome characters can be easily avoided simply by following these rules and proceeding with caution. Follow these guidelines and you will enjoy what could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship without taking any risks.

If you’re smart, these point will become your checklist and eventually a habit.

Remain anonymous – do not reveal your real identity, email address, home address, telephone numbers, your birthday or indeed, your place of work during your early days of communication Don’t be dissuaded from the above point If you are operating from home check your ISP server to ensure your profile is not revealing more than you’d like. Use alternative email services for dating(I have listed FREE services at the bottom of this page). Take your time in your first telephone discussions – ask questions (nicely) remembering that they are probably in the same position as you. When you do decide to meet for the first time, make sure it’s in a public place ie. Coffee shop etc. Do not meet at each others home or anywhere secluded or remote. Take a mobile with you and more importantly, tell a friend or relation where you are going. Some people even have a friend turn up and sit at another table for comfort – without anyone else knowing of course. Here’s the last point – stick to all the above points no matter what!

Here are some sites for free email services to help you remain anonymous;

Atlink.com Bigfoot.com Email4life.com Netforward.com Netaddress.com Mailzone.com Hotmail.com

Follow these rules and on-line dating can lead you to great friendships, lovers and often marriage.